Meme Marketing

Meme Marketing

Digital marketing has shifted how consumers interact with brands and it has forced brands to reinvent the way they market to the consumer. Social media has created a space where even the smallest of businesses can leverage their branding well beyond the scope of tv, radio, or newspaper. Consumers in the digital age choose to align with brands that they relate to. The easiest way to make a brand more relatable and foster a community of followers is with funny content like meme marketing.

Meme marketing is effective because it doesn’t need to signal any “catch” or “call to action.” Instead, Meme Marketing uses images that have a familiar theme, cultural meaning, or phenomenon with text overlaid that creates a sense of belonging between people and brands based on relatable funny content. When marketing makes people laugh, it tends to attract followers and shares that help grow a brand’s community.

A brand simply applies its new twist and thoughts as a caption. The easiest way to make marketing relatable is by making the content funny. Funny TV commercials likely set the stage for marketing with humor long before the internet existed. Meme marketing enables non-funny brands or businesses to engage their audience with general humor without making the humor about the business or brand.

If your brand is struggling to create content on social media, meme marketing is a positive solution. At Jexan we maintain an extensive meme library and are consistently creating original meme content relative to our diverse client base.


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