Live Streaming Video For Business

Live Streaming Video For Business

Live streaming video has become a popular addition to the social media landscape in recent years. For marketers, live streaming can be used in a number of ways to help promote your business. Videos tend to be the most successful social media content for businesses, so it only makes sense that live streaming is a new necessity for corporations and small businesses alike.

Having a well thought out plan before going live is always a smart idea. Establish a few goals that directly benefit your brand’s reputation prior to filming, Notify everyone involved about your plan for the live stream, but be sure to mention that there will be some improvisation as well. A bit of pre-production planning along with the ability to improvise creates a live stream that is both entertaining and valuable to your customers. When an effective live stream is executed, the customer is able to connect with the company in a human way through brand storytelling.

Best Ways For Businesses To Utilize Live Streaming

Filming an Event

Do you have a holiday party coming up? Maybe an office birthday party? Take a few minutes and live stream the event. Keep these videos short and exciting. Try to tell a short story about the event, maybe take your viewers on a tour, or you could even answer a few questions on the spot. Remember, spontaneity is great only if it’s helping to accomplish your goals for the live stream.

Q & A

Setting up a Q & A is one of the best ways to get viewer engagement. Q & A’s are almost always a good idea for big brands and corporations. Depending on which platform is being used, small businesses might encounter a lack of quality questions from viewers if their social media following is not significant. If this is the case, it’s wise to promote the Q & A a week or two in advance. Also, having themed Q & A’s about a specific product or service is helpful in guiding the viewer’s questions.

Introducing New Product or Service

Live Streaming is a great tool for big announcements. These videos should be well rehearsed, concise, and engaging throughout. Go over the details of the product and/or service, and then talk about how it will benefit the viewer.

Employees Doing Their Job

A behind the scenes look at an employee on the job is a great way to build a strong connection between the brand and customer. Have the employee introduce themself and talk about their role at the company and what they’re working on. These videos could also feature multiple employees, as long as the video does not become mundane or drag on for too long.


Interview an employee or a special guest that is important to the company. Ask a few of your own questions, and then let the viewers ask a few questions as well.

Contest/Giving Out Free Gift

Running a contest during a live stream is a great way to excite your customer base. Trivia about your company and lotteries with existing customer base are just a few ideas that can be executed during a live steam.


Are you offering a new product that requires training? Live stream a quick tutorial where you go over a certain aspect of the product that may be difficult for users to figure out on their own.

Top Platforms (As of January 2017)


  • Best for brands that have a big Twitter presence.
  • Videos are posted from around the world. It’s common for random people to check out your steam.
  • After the stream is over, the video is saved to your Periscope page.

Facebook Live

  • Best platform for companies looking to engage their current customers.
  • Videos are saved to Facebook page.
  • You can go back and edit videos after they’re complete.
  • Instagram Live
  • Videos disappear after they’re complete.
  • You can change settings so that only your followers can comment on your stream.
  • Analytics are shown immediately after the stream is over.

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