Guide to Successful Animated & Static Banners

Advertising banners serve to generate traffic for your website, gather leads for your business and publicize new products or services in more specific cases. Sometimes conventional banners are not enough to generate the impact you want. A different approach can help your business stand out from the competition.

Banners are basically clickbait, but actually getting bites can be tricky. To get those customers clicking, first ensure your message is clear, then determine which type of banner will garner the most attention.

Static banners are a staple in terms of advertising, but animated banners can provide a little edge in the crowded adspaces online.

Capture Audience Attention

Static & Animated Banners

Unlike static banners, animated banners quickly attract the user’s attention from other advertising. Humans are very visual, and naturally our eyes are drawn toward movement. However, we must be careful not to use them the wrong way. The main disadvantage of banners is that they are often regarded as a nuisance by Internet surfers. Plan your banner content in detail and take care that the animations are not too flashy, overdone, or too fast. They’ll be less annoying and more likely to generate conversions. Strive to find balance between attention-grabbing movement and a clear, concise message. Include a call to action, but avoid sounding desperate, and your chances of getting clicks will increase.

Time and Costs

Time and Cost

One of the advantages of static banners over animated banners is that their design time and cost are lower than animated banners. Their lower cost does not mean they will always be the better option though. Before designing, know your budget and know your goals. Be sure to analyze the campaign goals in detail before starting to design. Perhaps 2 animated banner designs will be better than 4 static ones.

For example, a brand that is already well known can use static banners and rely more heavily on broad brand awareness in their audience, but for a young brand, animated graphics may prove to pique more interest.

Static vs. Moving Images

User Attention

The primary advantage of animated banners over static banners is that being designed in a single frame, static banners show only a single slogan or phrase, while animated banners allow you to show up to 30 seconds of images that are constantly changing. You can provide a lot more information about your brand in 30 seconds than in 1 frame. Don’t just pack a ton of information into it though, you must be clear about the message you want to share. Use keywords and short phrases that make your banner show up in the right place at the right time to get clicks while communicating exactly what you want customers to learn about your brand.

With this new knowledge about the characteristics of static and animated banner ads, you can make educated decisions about which ads to use for different campaigns. Banners are one of the most effective forms of advertising out there, so be sure to work them into next quarter’s plan! If you’re at a loss, and this article didn’t help at all, drop us a line. We can always do the hard work for you.

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