The Work From Home Lifestyle: Finding Sustainable Success

The Work From Home Lifestyle

After the COVID-19 pandemic began, our new normal became an ever-evolving terrain. Most of the workforce is struggling to navigate their daily task list in such a disrupted state. That said, regardless of whether you made the choice to work from home independently or it was an inevitable conclusion in response to the current climate, businesses shifting their operations must consider sustainability and the effects of new policies on employees.

We have some tips to make your shift more comfortable. After all, most of our staff have been operating remotely since the creation of Jexan back in 2013 and we are thriving even in the midst of a pandemic, so we might know a few useful things!

Any changes to one’s lifestyle require planning, discipline, humility, and commitment. Read on and discover Jexan’s workflow tips and favorite tools that can help shape your new normal into a positive experience and prep your business for success while working from home.

The Tools We Use

One of the core values we uphold at Jexan is to show appreciation and respect to everyone. With this in mind, consistent communication is a must.


At Jexan we use Slack for short-form messaging to pass information quickly between team members. Our daily and weekly Zoom video meetings are an opportunity to ask and answer questions, update each department team, and keep the staff as a whole up to date on company progress. We share our wins, keep everyone in the loop on all our projects, and create unity among our team which includes members tuning in from six different countries.

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Feedback and Guidance

Loom and Screencast-O-Matic are our favorite tools that we use to provide feedback and guidance on projects. They are very easy to use, especially when the people you wish to convey information to may be too busy to read a long explanatory email.

It’s especially handy when a visual element is involved. We encourage the team to use video recordings when providing feedback and seeking or giving guidance. After a simple download, you can record your screen along with audio, showing and explaining to the viewer exactly what you need to communicate.

Simple but highly valuable tools that can easily be employed and shared. Jexan goes a step further and uses the recordings for Trainual — an app used for onboarding employees, organizing tutorials, explaining and defining company processes, policies, and more.

Work From Home and Personal Life

One of the hardest parts of the situation we’re all in is the massive disruption to our usual routines. You can create a new normal for yourself in your home-based workspace by keeping a routine.

Set an alarm if you need one, keep a calendar, maintain a regular work schedule, and set aside time for recreation. Keep up on self-care. Brushing your teeth, showering, and dressing for the workday will boost your confidence and mental health and give you a sense of normalcy.

When striving to do the right thing by our clients, our staff, and our families, we must show up for them by showing up for ourselves. When shifting to a home-based workplace, you can help avoid potential conflict by discussing appropriate boundaries with other people in your home regarding your needs during work. Make sure anyone else in your home is aware of your work schedule.

The Burnout

It’s important to be mindful of maintaining a reasonable pace throughout your workday. Burnout can emerge when exhaustion and cynicism act as invisible toxic coworkers. Symptoms of burnout include energy depletion, feelings of negativity related to one’s job, or reduced professional efficacy, according to the World Health Organization.

Combat burnout by scheduling breaks, taking the full break, then returning to your workstation with renewed focus. Feelings of having to be the “perfect worker” are common when working from home, but no one can be perfect all the time.

Be realistic with the expectations you place on yourself and don’t allow your team leader to hold unrealistic expectations for your work. Establishing realistic performance expectations with your team leader is a big part of setting and maintaining professional boundaries and can help to reduce your risk of burnout.

As you establish your work routine and to further mitigate the chance of burnout, set aside time to exercise your body and your mind. By prioritizing movement in your body, you inspire creativity and create natural forms of stress relief.

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The brain is just as important as the body, so invest in stimulating your mind outside of work with a goal-oriented hobby. New hobbies or classes ignite motivation and provide a healthy distraction from the troubles surrounding us.

For example, you might like to get creative with cooking at home or start learning a new language; these behaviors can be anything that favorably enhances your life. Find what inspires you and make sure you sprinkle in small daily actions that bring you joy.

Positive Vibes 😌

Most notably, while working independently and remotely, you can benefit by simply keeping an open mind and being sensitive to compromise. Rearrange a meeting at the request of a coworker, exercise patience when waiting for feedback, and don’t lose your temper when you inevitably have to deal with a frustrating task.

Flexibility and openness to suggestions or feedback lead to stronger relationships. We encourage frequent communication at Jexan (and prefer a slight tendency to over-communicate) within our company. Tone and intention aren’t always interpreted properly among all forms of communication, so you can incorporate FaceTime or Zoom calls when needed. When using text communication emojis and gifs help ensure non-verbal tones within your messages are not misunderstood 🤗.


As your environment shifts, you must evolve along with it to survive and thrive. Jexan practices a commitment to learning and growth within the company. We stay on the cutting edge, utilizing the best methods and tools available for our services. After all, necessity is the mother of invention! When you adopt an adaptive and flexible mindset, you’ll discover better ways to streamline your workday no matter where it takes place.

COVID-19 was an unexpected event, but resourceful people try to use hardship like this as an opportunity to strive for balance and success so that they are able to look back on this time as one in which they performed well, adapted, learned new things, and promoted gentle treatment of themselves and others. Each of the habits discussed here will serve you well long after the pandemic subsides.

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