Keeping your Work Life Organized

Keep Work Life Organized

Whether you own your own business, manage a team of people, or just need help keeping work tasks in order, these tools can help. When it comes to the workplace, I sometimes have a hard time finding the proper systems to keep me organized. The other problem I tend to have is getting the team on board with a major change when I do identify a more efficient process. I put together a list of systems that I use and have used for your reference. I hope they help!

Google Keep (Notes)

This is a great system for list makers. You are free to post notes, ideas, and lists all in one place. This basically is a sticky note system that color coordinates your stickies and lives in the cloud. I love its simplicity and connectivity. There are other systems that have more to offer like Evernote, but I find Google Keep easier to use. Notes can be shared and the program even connects to mobile devices. When I open Google Keep, everything is there: no need to click around to find something. The best news is it’s free if you have a gmail account!

Evernote (Notes)

I mentioned this one above; I never really fell in love with this program but have used it for a while. If you are looking for something a little more advanced than Google Keep, this is a step up in capability. Evernote is good for taking notes and keeping a lot of information organized, almost like having large spiral notebooks with search capabilities and tabs. Several friends of mine swear this is the best program, and they’re the type of people who attend a lot of meetings and conferences and require a place to store all the information on the go.

Producteev (Task Management)

I used this program for almost two years with multiple companies and loved it. This task management system is great for small teams of people working together. I used this system for projects or tasks that came and went often, and spanned a range of priority levels and deadlines. For example, when I was the director of marketing for a commercial real estate company, property flyers, proposals and company marketing was changing at a rate that felt like every 30 minutes. This system allowed the team to communicate and send or receive alerts about what was important. It helped make our process much more efficient. You can easily break things down by project, task, tag, person, priority and more.

Priority Matrix (Task Management)

I was forced to use this system when I was working on a project with a team. I saw the potential and how it helps some people stay super focused. A priority matrix breaks up tasks into 4 sections or groups. With this program you can view all four sections at one time. Breaking up all projects into 4 groups can help prioritize without losing sight of the big picture. It’s not the best system for me, but others do find it quite useful.

Insightly (Task Management /CRM)

This a great system for small businesses that need to keep projects, potential clients, tasks, lists, contacts, and calendars organized. The fact that it has a task management system and CRM built in together is ideal. I was using so many programs to keep everything organized before making the switch to Insightly; it put everything from preliminary emails to finished files all in one place. My favorite feature is that it connects to my email and with 1 click have an email copied into a project connected to the contact and saved in insightly. There are so many perks to this system if you run a growing small business.

Having the proper set of tools available helped our team become more organized and efficient. What are your favorite programs to use for work? Let us know in the comments below!

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