Adaptive Anchor Banners: Google’s New Upgrade

Adaptative Anchor Banner

Google recently launched the Adaptive Anchor Banners that they believe will help maximize ad revenue and make ad management more efficient and less complex for digital media pros like us. This new tool it’s designed to improve upon the old standard and smart banner options we’ve been using for years now. It’s about time for an upgrade.

The average person gets bombarded with approximately 1700 banner ads every month but only sees half of them, and interacts with even less than that. People all over the world use a huge range of different devices with different screen dimensions which can completely ruin the appearance of banner ads.

Standard banner vs. smart banner vs. AdMob’s adaptive anchor banner
Standard banner vs. smart banner vs. AdMob’s adaptive anchor banner
Source: Google AdMob

Standard banner ads are 325px × 50px and display that size and aspect ratio no matter what kind of screen is used. This often causes the graphic to appear too small or too big. Smart Banners are set at fixed heights and can appear too small on certain devices. Until now, this required publishers to create many banner layouts to adjust to a variety of devices. That’s a lot of work for a single ad design.

Google’s new Adaptive Anchor Banner ads adjust to display creative properly across all devices without having to use custom modes and multiple graphic dimensions, saving time and resources for other, more important tasks. This technology accounts for the device displaying the creative, the ad width, aspect ratio and performance to determine the appropriate creative to serve. Let us tell you, this is a huge deal when it comes to translating banner ad spend into conversions and profit.

Let’s Go… ish?

Adaptive Anchor Banner ads are currently in beta mode, but they are accessible for use by contacting Google Ads support on your account manager.

In these early stages of development, adaptive anchor banners can only be used for anchored placements at the top or bottom, but as Google continues to improve them placement options are sure to expand. We’re looking forward to implementing the adaptive algorithms for in-line banners for scrolling ads that are in active development.

Google recommends testing some adaptive anchor banner ads against presently employed banner ads, to see if the adaptive versions translate to better engagement, higher fill rates, or more revenue.

At Jexan we are actively experimenting with adaptive anchor banners, and any other brand-spanking-new tech we can get our hands-on. We are always plugged-in to what Google is developing, and we’re stoked to have a new advantage we can leverage to augment our clients’ ad revenue and make ad management more efficient on our end, maximizing profits for everyone.

Want to get in on this? We’re taking on new clients, so Get Pitched to see if we’re the right ad agency for your business.

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