Only Have Time to Manage One Social Account?


Which One Should I Use? First of all, no you don’t.

Several social platforms are integrated with one another. Facebook and Instagram support each other, by making it super easy to share Instagram content on Facebook. You can take one Instagram image, and spread it across every platform with just a couple clicks! If your audiences on different social platforms are somewhat different, (G+ and LinkedIn users are very different than Facebook and Instagram users) you can tweak your copy to better suit each audience, a practice I use frequently. With a couple little adjustments, one idea can be awesome content for any platform, as long as there is a visual element with it. If you don’t have a visual to go with your post, well, I guess you’re stuck with Facebook and Twitter, and it won’t perform that well anyway, since social media users respond best to visual-heavy content when it comes to brand content.
Always remember: you only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention.

The same is true for any social site. It all begins with a good idea and a good image.

Choose the Right Platforms for Your Brand

Instagram is my personal favorite social media community, but it’s not right for every brand. Facebook is ubiquitous, and even if it isn’t your primary social site, you still need to have a page. Seriously, everyone is there, and brands get a ton of engagement on Facebook. With their advertising options, you can really do a lot to grow with a fairly small ad budget. Beyond Facebook, choosing other platforms can be a little intimidating if you aren’t super familiar with them. First take some time to analyze in detail your brand’s goals, and how your customers prefer to interact online.

Then, take a look at my cheat sheet here, detailing our most-used platforms and their primary demographic stats:

Infographic: Top Social Media Platforms

There are a lot of other social sites, such as Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, Vine and more, but these are the most heavily used by broadly relevant audiences, and they all provide excellent advertising options, making them my top picks, and our favorites to use for our clients here at Jexan.

Once you’re signed up, it can be very time consuming to manually post to every profile you have. That’s just too time consuming if you have any more than 2 or 3 profiles and you have more important stuff to do, like taxes or whatever business people do. Luckily, there is Hootsuite! You can scout content from other social media users by “listening” to different topics across several social media platforms. More importantly (especially if you’re posting original content, which is ALWAYS preferable to sharing content from other sources, though it is a viable way to fill in the gaps between original posts), you can prepare your posts, schedule, and send them out to your profiles all in one place. It’s awesome and saves a ton of time and potential confusion.

Now, don’t think you have to sign your business up for every single social media platform used by your target demographic. I’ve found that having 3-4 profiles is pretty easily manageable. What you don’t want to do is sign up for a profile, post a couple times, and then never go back. If it’s too much to handle, or you just aren’t getting any engagement, don’t let the profile stagnate. Either use it, or delete it.

The most important thing to remember is that it takes time to build a following on any social media platform. The Internet is a highly saturated environment with millions upon millions of users, and tons of brands. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t immediately take off. Keep on posting, keep on promoting, and keep on being creative! You’ll build a following organically if you have good content and a consistent posting schedule.

If you want a little help, we’re pretty good at making amazing social graphics, so shoot us an email for more info!

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