Marketing with Pinterest

Marketing Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the largest web traffic drivers on the Internet. With over 250 million users, 27% of which are Fortune 500 companies, this is a platform businesses shouldn’t miss out on.

Pins are pervasive — they are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet. Researchers measure the half-life of posts on different platforms; that is the amount of time in which 50% of the total reactions to the post are earned. A Pin’s halflife is 1,680 times longer than a Facebook post.

To put that in perspective: the typical half-life of a Facebook post is an hour and a half, but that of a Pin is 3.5 months! It’s the longest half-life of any type of social media post. Pinterest has even been described as a search engine. We’ve all come across Pinterest results in Google searches, especially when it comes to image searches. So what can Pinterest do for your small business?

Pinterest can help boost website traffic significantly. The platform delivers business-friendly functionality by offering business accounts access to Pinstitute, an internal platform for webinars that enables businesses to share knowledge and tips with each other and gain insights on what content performs best.

Pinterest’s interface makes it easy to connect your website, Facebook, and Twitter to create a large network for Pin sharing. Every pin contains a link to the source of the image, driving traffic to your own web address or other social profiles.

Most retail shoppers research products and services online before spending money on them and many people conduct at least some of their research on Pinterest.

Most people want to know if others have had good or bad experiences with products and services before investing any money in them. Shoppers are always researching, and Pins are pathways to discovery that help convert browsers to buyers.

Your average Pinner also enjoys finding useful or inspiring content and sharing it with their social groups, creating a higher level of engagement for the platform and improving the potential for business pins to go viral. You never know when your Pin is going to catch a Pinterest Influencer’s eye!

Businesses can also use Pinterest as a market research tool. Like most social media platforms, Pinterest offers insights to describe the demographics of the users interacting with your content. Pins themselves offer a more direct look into what your audience enjoys seeing, so you should be paying attention to what your followers are pinning and try to create content that will capture their attention. Observation is key, by spending time on Pinterest you can passively help to improve your sense of good content, which will help improve your social media content and marketing overall.

The most effective method for increasing your audience is to follow your competition’s followers. Search for terms that would be associated with your own business to find your competitors first.

For example, if your company is in the trade industry you might search for the keyword “contractor.” The next screen gives you some options to narrow your search. Find your competition, then follow their followers. Some of them will follow you back! You could eventually unfollow these people, but as mentioned before, the content they share may provide insight into what your audience wants to see.

SEO Reigns Supreme on Pinterest

Using relevant keywords in your board titles, board descriptions and profile is key to increasing your audience. Use the search bar to find relevant keywords commonly used on Pinterest that will increase your brand’s visibility.

Start with a basic set of words, then you will be offered several suggestions to further specify the subject. This is a good place to start when you have limited keywords and would like to expand your keyword bank. For example, you might search the keyword “contractor” and find additional words that help you develop a long-tail keyword like “restoration plumbing contractor,” which is likely the way a potential follower (or potential customer) would search this topic.

Pinterest Content Popularity Contest

Infographics are on top of the Pinterest Content Popularity Contest. Infographics are 30x times more likely to be viewed and read than text-heavy blog posts. People are usually not inclined to fully read through a blog post, but they are happy to view an interesting graphic that also gives them useful information in an easy-to-digest format.

Infographics can make your content stand out in a feed and 40% of people react better to images than words alone. Using infographics can help maximize your audience and increase your click-through rate.

You should be using Pinterest to increase awareness for your offerings, boost website traffic, and make more conversions. Not sure how to begin, though? Maybe content isn’t your thing, but it is our thing. Consider scheduling a conversation with the social experts at Jexan.

Jexan’s social media team is experienced in optimizing and structuring highly effective Pinterest campaigns and can help you generate professionally designed content for your brand. The social media and design teams work together to create authentic and relevant content for your accounts. Are you ready to dive into social media on a new level? Contact Jexan and we’ll pitch you a plan you won’t want to pass up.

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