Brand Growth Through Grassroots Marketing

Brand Growth Through Grassroots Marketing

For many brands, it’s difficult to understand the immense value that grassroots marketing can offer. Fixed with budgets of varying capacities, they’re prepared to blow through their funds in a hopeful effort to create public awareness of their company’s existence and begin the grueling process of developing a loyal customer base.

However, this timeless notion that you need to spend money to make money has largely proven false; yet, countless brands fall victim to its wildly outdated mindset.

Patience and strategy are key when running an effective marketing campaign. It’s rare that a brand emerges with national media outlets already knocking on their door.

More commonly, brands need to start small and make a name for themselves before they can expand their reach. This is done by embracing the power and opportunities that come with conducting grassroots marketing tactics. But how exactly does a brand conduct such tactics in their daily routine?

A Diverse Online Presence

Listener Feedback

One of the first things any brand does when setting up a shop is getting themselves situated with social media accounts. This is certainly a necessary step brand in the modern era must take, however, many brands consider their mere presence on these platforms to be adequate enough marketing for the growing population of online consumers.

Beyond making frequent posts, a fair deal more is required of most brands in order to benefit from the full potential of the online community.

Brands should be active in relatable Facebook groups, comment sections, Reddit chat rooms, and with similar accounts across all forms of social media. This is a great way to market a brand’s account to interested parties and draw attention to any established websites, products, or services a brand may have.

In a nutshell, be prepared to jump through rabbit hole after rabbit hole to find the right groups chats, online communities, and outlets to spread the word about the benefits your brand has to offer.

Brand Journalism

Companies of all sizes have been harnessing the power of brand journalism for the majority of the 21st century. From company blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, and even industry-related publications, the costs associated with creating these mediums for consumers to enjoy are minimal.

The low-cost nature of brand journalism has made the practice of incorporating its usage in a brand’s overall marketing scheme extremely attractive, especially for brands just starting out or who may be working with a tight budget.

Chief amongst the benefits of brand journalism is being able to establish a brand as an expert in its field. In doing so, consumers looking for a supplier of goods or services within that field will oftentimes feel most confident buying from that brand, as they’ve developed a reputation for themselves as professionals with expert insight. This should be a prominent form of grassroots marketing that brands incorporate into their growth strategy.

Newsletter and Giveaways

Engaging with consumers and interested buyers on a frequent basis is something all brands should be doing, lest they ignore one of the most pivotal forms of grassroots marketing and opportunities for company growth.

Visitors to a company’s website should have the ability to sign up to receive a recurring newsletter via email that provides them with the latest and greatest on the brand. This could include new product releases, upcoming events, special offers and incentives for subscribers, links to social channels, podcasts, blogs, etc.

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Keeping customers in the loop on what’s going on with the company not only helps to boost sales and generate prospective leads, but it shows the clientele that a company is reliable, trustworthy, appreciative, and, above all else, dedicated to keeping them well-informed.

Hand-in-hand with creating a newsletter for subscribers is hosting the occasional giveaway. People will do a lot for a chance at free merchandise and apparel, which is good because all a brand should be focusing on is having them sign up for their newsletter and follow their social media channels.

In exchange for a simple company t-shirt or perhaps even some pro-bono services, consumers will blow up your social profiles and generate a good deal of buzz behind your brand. This certainly isn’t an every single week grassroots marketing tactic, but it is a great way to engage clientele in a fun and effective manner, all while growing your public image.

Create Your Own News

Earned media potential is not equal across the board for all companies. In reality, news media and the general public simply perceive some brands as being of extreme interest, whereas others are written off as irrelevant and unimportant.

The latter position is the far more prevalent situation for companies and brands to find themselves in, which is why many make the decision to turn to public relations and communications professionals for help.

Professional communicators have a certain proclivity for crafting and creating newsworthy stories when none actually exist. They may announce a partnership with a respected organization or charity, tie in a client’s services as being relevant and much needed in the world’s current state of affairs (newsjacking), conduct an attention-grabbing PR stunt, or, oftentimes, simply embellish the impact a brand has had on the surrounding community.

Having PR professionals and communications managers on your payroll used to be reserved for more established companies. However, more than ever before, startups and fledgling brands are taking on the roles associated with those professions for themselves and using those tactics to grow their brands at the grassroots level. Whether or not they’re successful though will ultimately depend on how creative they can get!

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