Branding Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Branding Mistakes

A business’s success is dependent on two primary factors: the idea (the product or service offered) and branding. Branding mistakes are costly in both lost time and money misspent.

Branding is so incredibly important. It is presence, an aesthetic, the elements that surround your business and evoke all the feels in your customer audience. The brand defines the business as much as the product or service. That’s why it’s so important to try to avoid as many of the major mistakes startups and new companies often make when first establishing a brand.

Brand Guidelines

The first step in branding is to create brand guidelines. Finding balance in your guidelines can be a challenge. They should not be vague, but they also can’t be overly restrictive. These must be very clear, detailed, and easy to adhere to.

Include logos, colors, taglines, and design and copywriting guidelines. Design guidelines go beyond colors and logos. You must define the overall aesthetic of the brand while still allowing room for variation so that it doesn’t get stale or too repetitive over time. Consider longevity, and avoid trying to be trendy.

When it comes to branding, timelessness is better than trends. That is not to say you should not consider trends in day-to-day design work, just that the overall brand itself should not look “dated” 10 years from now. Simple, yet unique, and recognizable branding is the goal.

Always remember that your branding — the logo, the language, the aesthetic, and imagery — are the concrete elements that consumers identify with and which draw them into your brand’s audience. Once established, changing a brand can be damaging to the relationship with the existing customer base, so any branding changes must be very carefully considered before implementation.

That’s why it’s so important to get it right at the start — otherwise, you might be unable to maintain a consistent relationship with the brand’s audience.

At Jexan, we love branding. Building a brand from the ground up is a thrill to us. Whether it’s a startup just beginning to define itself, or an established company who has decided it’s time to update their branding, we’re always up for the challenge. Reach out to us for valuable guidance, we can’t wait to get to know your brand!

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