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Tuesday, September 1st at 6pm

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The Evolution of Founders Live

It was founded in 2016 and successfully hosted many live events all over the world. Now it has transitioned to an online platform that allows more interaction, more people to join while keeping them safe, and even more networking opportunities than before, all from the comfort of your home.

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Founders live was an awesome experience! Events like this are not being put on by some random organizations coming in and taking over for a night and then leaving; it feels like a part of a community. I’ve been in a startup community of Phoenix for a few years now and I even knew several people in this audience.

Avatar of Jérémy Chevallier

Jérémy Chevallier

Before this event I didn’t know about all these companies, and now I have a new app on my phone, I have new contacts and business cards, and that could lead to many things, a friend for me, investment for him, you never know what is going to happen at these events. You don’t know if your next customer is gonna be there, next investor, team member, co-founder. If you’re looking for something, show up and make some magic happen!

Avatar of Mat Sherman

Mat Sherman

It helps build your morale, it helps if you’re trying to raise money, it helps if you’re trying to find users, no matter what the case is, even if you’re trying to get a job at a startup, there’s so much opportunity here.

Avatar of Marcus Jones

Marcus Jones

Why Sign Up To Pitch?

Founders Live affords entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain recognition for their business start-up concepts from thousands of sponsors and fellow entrepreneurs around the world as well as learn and connect with other leaders in the entrepreneurial startup ecosystem. Participants in the competition have the chance to take home a variety of prizes and incentives from the continuously changing and growing Winners Package. With thousands of dollars in Amazon and Google credit on the line to help your startup gain traction, there’s a lot at stake for competitors around the world, beyond recognition within this global startup community.

Who Attends Founders Live?

In looking at our attendees over time, the diversity of our cohort is apparent and includes other founders, developers, investors, marketers, educators, attorneys, members of the media, students, employees of startups, and many more, but let’s be clear, we want everyone that is even remotely interested in the startup space to attend this event. It gives more than just the chance to learn about other startups, it also grants the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs.

Founders Live attendees

What's Required?

The entire Founders Live event is free of charge for both attendees and pitching startups, all we ask is that you make a Founders account prior to the virtual event so that you can vote and select a winner and to give you the ability to network with this global entrepreneur community beyond the event. A $5 membership will give you more access to networking and resources within the Founders Live community and help us to further build out this entrepreneurial networking powerhouse.

Founders Live Timeline

Founders Live Timeline
Open Entertainment
30 min

During each event, a local entertainer will entertain the audience for 20 min. A 10 min of Q&A will follow.

The Competition
60 min

The competition consists of 5 startups. Each gets 99 seconds to pitch and 4 min for Q&A. Once they are done, everyone will vote and the winner will have a several more minutes for any additional questions.

Open Happy Hour and Networking
30+ min

This is where the magic happens! Network with other founders & etrepreneurs. We will be coordinating zoom breakout rooms, and making sure to create an enjoyable virtual networking experience for everyone.

Local Entertainer
Savannah Hernandez is a rising comic based in Phoenix, Arizona. She recently won Phoenix’s “Best New Female Comic,”  and has participated in numerous comedy festivals in the United States within her first year of stand up. Her comedic style brings out the quirky, uncomfortable, endearing young lady that lives within every man, woman, and child.

Past Phoenix Winners

Jax holding trophy

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