Get to Know the Jexan Team: Around the World

The Jexan Team - Around the World

Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.

Steve Jobs

The Jexan team is composed of a variety of skilled professionals, and we appreciate their unique backgrounds and specialties which helps to ensure that we have plenty of diversity of thought. As of July 2020, Jexan consists of twenty-four people across seven countries and continues to grow.

With this in mind, a strong team is key to a brand’s health and success. Jexan’s brand personality is an extension of the personality of the founders and of their team. We interviewed these key divisions for a glimpse into the inner workings of Jexan and to find out what makes up the incredible machine. When it comes to producing the magic for our clients, each individual plays a role in the development of a project.

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Recently, Beck, Jexan’s social media coordinator, spoke to four of our teams to create profiles in order to bring their presence to the forefront of Jexan’s brand. He asked the following five questions:

  1. What does your team do for Jexan?
  2. How many people are currently part of your team?
  3. What is your favorite part of the job?
  4. What is your least favorite part of the job?
  5. Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

As information is shared across a company that has roots in many places, we value connecting the names with faces. And we are proud to introduce them to you!

The Design Team 🎨

The Jexan design team is responsible for all the visual magi. They fluctuate between creating illustrations to establishing brand identity and have even worked on billboards designs and key visuals for movies.

Right now, our design team is made of three people in Mexicali and one in El Salvador: The Web Designer Ale, Video Animator Eddy, Curtis the Illustrator and All-Around Fighter, and Brand Maniac Mariano.

Unanimously, the design team agrees that the best part of what they do is taking someone’s vision and bringing it to life!

Our design team tells us that the one thing any designer will agree about is a short deadline. Short deadlines are killers for a design team. When pressure is applied, that’s when errors and less than ideal results can happen. Jexan designers take their role very seriously, and a less than perfect end result is unacceptable.

Currently, the design team’s biggest project involves video animations for a big client. The illustrator is working alongside our video animator to complete the final product. They are all very excited to see how the animations turn out, and so are we!

The Development Team 👨‍💻

The three team members of our development team work from El Salvador. Vladimir, Alex, and Karina are responsible for the creation, management, and maintenance of every website or piece of software that has been developed by Jexan.

The team most enjoys the ability to always be learning and improving their skill set. By challenging themselves, they have been able to get incredible results ranging from landing pages they are proud of to creating full-blown platforms.

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However, projects that take longer than anticipated can be a source of stress (and even boredom), but they always result in something the team is proud to show off.

Notably, our development team is currently working on an exciting new project, Giftgoat. With Giftgoat people are able to give presents to loved ones automatically, via an online platform that will remind you of important events. You will never again forget a birthday or anniversary!

This is just one of the many projects that the development team feels lucky to bring to the public and promises exciting benefits.

The Social Media Team 📲

Operating from Arizona and Illinois, Beck, Annette, and Justin are Jexan’s social media team. The social media team is responsible for running all social media accounts for the companies that Jexan manages. This includes daily Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts, and occasional work on blogs, videos, and designs for the graphics they post.

Mainly, the three of them most enjoy the ever-shifting landscape of their tasks. They must constantly adapt to current trends and styles. For this team, it is fun having a job that looks different week to week!

Because the team is so dedicated to their job, the one exception to this dynamic is their constant exposure to social media. This occasionally discourages them from logging into their own social media accounts after a long workday.

Accordingly, posting strategies and secrets are safe with the social team. They won’t share their exciting, upcoming media for you to look out for. Rather, true to their motives of engagement, they challenge you to follow the accounts they manage and to see for yourself what’s next!

Virtual Assistants 📋

The VA team is made of five masters of behind the scenes details. Mary, Ken, Keanna, Cynthia, and Dianne work from the Philippines. Their tasks include —but are certainly not limited to— various research for LinkedIn and Facebook outreach, social research, data entry, ad launching, and general social support!

They function as a solid foundation for our company. Above all, Jexan’s VA team believes that the people who make up the team are the true highlights of the job. Each of the coworkers shares a great working relationship, and they love working with their team members. For our VAs, their positive attitudes precede their work and they maintain a general perspective of gratitude as they embark on every new assignment.

As for what’s next, the VAs will tell you that they are pumped for any additional task. They are always excited about a new project of any size and they love their jobs. We value their enthusiasm almost as much as their attention to detail.

As can be seen from the teams’ responses, it’s easy to see how our people reflect the Jexan brand — unity among distance and creativity within your profession that makes working at Jexan fun and fulfilling. Collaboration between the different gears highlights our strongest assets — our staff.

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