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How to Cope with Obstacles When Programming

In the emblematic book: The Mythical Man-Month, Fred Brooks states that one of the joys of software development is the act of creating something; moreso if it comes from  your...

About Branding

For people who are starting a business (and those who already have one) it's important to know how to properly use your brand. Branding is more than just having a...

Vector Art 101 – Spicing Up Your Basic Shapes

Vector art is a fantastic modern medium of artwork and design. I personally fell in love with it while studying and took it to another level once I started working…


One Man Video Shoot Tips

Going on a video shoot by your lonesome can be a daunting task, especially if it’s not something your used to doing. Depending on the difficulty of the shoot, you may be thinking…


Overcoming Creative Blocks

The Creative Block is something that every designer has to deal with from time to time and it’s one of the things we hate the most. This doesn’t mean we…

Divide and Rule

Changing the Development Paradigm for Optimization: Part 1

If you have the thirst for optimization when you’re developing a website, and you wish to increase the score GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights, and other similar services give to your website,…