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Principles of Development by Alex Contreras

Principles Of Development

Software development requires certain capabilities which evolve from day to day. There are some principles that, even as time goes on, will always be beyond us. Those principles are the...
Feeling Comfortable with Your Dev Enviroment

A Text Editor is Not Just a Text Editor

Do you feel excited about coding? Do you have something that inspires you, or keeps you motivated to code? Well, if not, keep reading. If so… also keep reading. I...

I Never Considered Myself a Writer Until I Got a Marketing Job (A Reader’s Guide to Writing)

I never considered myself a writer. I always told people that I’m not a writer, I’m a proofreader and editor, obsessed with correcting spelling, passive voice, and common grammatical errors...

Good practices to make code maintenance easier

There is a saying that goes: “Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live”. Sometimes while...
Vector Art 202 - Color Gradients

Vector Art 202: Color Gradients

Color Gradients are a fantastic tool for creating more realistic looking graphics and vector art. They allow you to make a transition between colors giving an optical illusion of depth...

Design Tips for Social Media

Social media graphics are a useful resource for any business that is active on social media and looking to incorporate more original and engaging content into their posting schedule. Use...