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Jax Pitch Meeting
Getting Pitched

What's a pitch!?

No, it’s not a pitchfork although your competitors may feel they’ve been forked once Jexan is managing your marketing efforts! Customarily, an agency pitch is where an agency invests substantial time & cash into creating concepts, plans, and spec samples in an attempt to win business from a big brand such as an airline. Jexan is changing things, because we are willing to invest in and bet on our team to win the trust of any size business that’s a match for us.

Jax in Farm

Goodies included in our pitches

Deep Analysis

Extensive analysis of potential client’s current social/web assets, the status of the target market(s), competitors, and specific industry data.

Big Ideas

Ready to outshine in a competitive industry or market? Jexan delivers ultra creative yet executable big ideas that aim to spend less but earn significantly more reach & return.

Spec Collateral

To prove brand embracement we come armed to a pitch with select pieces of a client’s existing collateral only recooked with that special Jexan sauce.

Growth Plan

Awesome ideas & creative is useless without a legit plan to implement and increase revenue. Let us show you our plan, budget, and schedule.

Badass Content

Remarkable content contributes to real buzz and actual revenue. Jexan creates memorable ads. Just wait until you see the video we are working on for your pitch.

Ready to Perform

Our Services

Big ideas require plan, manpower, management, technology, and a lot of time. At Jexan, we are 100% ready for the mission. We are not a massive, 100+ person agency, but we do have a vast team of full time winners in every department needed! More impressive are our tools which allow clients to provide intimate feedback on our work from anywhere, and have peace of mind with content/campaign approval queues, monitor time/expenses/data in real time, and obtain 24/7 support.

Project Management
Design & Animation
Web & App Development
Production & Editing
Planning & Buying Media
Social & PR Coordination
Jexan Library
Want an appetizer?

Taste our portfolio

At the end of the day, our intellectual property and work products become the property of our clients. However, we are permitted to share samples privately with potential clients. Click request below and we will assemble a relevant sampler platter including whatever you like such as branding, print, video, social media, and even promotional products (shhh or we’ll run out).

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Leveraging AI to generate more leads

Chat, Text, and Call
Our Core Values

Written in HTML stone

Committed to Learning & Growing

Advertising changes virtually every day. We’re committed to staying on the cutting edge, so our clients always have access to the best methods available.

Show Appreciation & Respect to Everyone

We believe that everyone has merit, so we treat our clients the way we want to be treated. It’s simply a matter of common decency and mutual understanding.

Be Creative & Innovative In How We Approach Everything

People come to us for the best possible advertising, and our creativity is what lets us deliver high value solutions to our clients.

Committed To Our People

Our people are what makes Jexan special, so we work to support our people to the best of our ability. We believe that the best people give the best results, and ours are some of the best.

Always Do The Right Thing

At Jexan, we strive to always do the right thing by our clients, our partners and our staff. We may not always succeed, but we’ll always try. This is our default position on every issue, and we think it works well for us.

Founding Family

Continuous Growth

Jexan was founded by Brennah and Steven Gurley in 2013. Prior to founding Jexan, Brennah served as the director of marketing for a large commercial real estate company and Steven made noise in the film & tv arena. Jexan began with a small, one desk office in Scottsdale but now has two homes; one shared with Google Cloud in downtown Phoenix and the other shared with Hurley’s Media in Grand Cayman.

Jexan Founders
Creativity through brand diversity

Thank you for your support!

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ROI Jedi

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Lead Designer

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UI/UX Manager

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Media Coordinator

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Public Relations

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Not a typical gig

Join the Jexans

Our newest member started on June 29th, and we are still hiring. Want in?

If interested, please send an email telling us why you’re the perfect fit and also include work samples or a resume and we will respond (good or bad). Note: all applicants are subject to multi-staffer interview process as well as the Wonderlic test.

You can visit before applying »

Wanna see the pitch boardroom?

Hangout, Ride Scooters, Eat Snacks

Jexan Office @ Phoenix
Jexan Office @ Phoenix
Jexan Office @ Phoenix
We guessed your questions

These are our answers

How much does a pitch cost?

Well at times it can cost Jexan thousands to assemble a pitch but for you there’s absolutely zero ($0.00) cost. Again, the pitch is free because it’s how we earn our new clients. If you don’t like the pitch, there’s zero (0) obligation to work with us. You literally have nothing to lose.

Is every business eligible for a pitch?

Jexan works strictly works with businesses that have a proven track record of a great product or service and also have a huge potential for growth. If you don’t fit in to this category, we may elect not to invest in a pitch for your business but we’ll still provide 2-3 hours of free strategic consulting to help you gear up to get in a position where it is a right fit for us to work with one another later down the road.

Can we just get pitched to steal Jexan's ideas?

Nice one! Our legal team encourages massive companies to steal the ideas from our pitches and run with them because intellectual property theft litigation makes them a lot of money! Seriously, we really hate calling on these gremlin looking, shark acting, overpriced litigators so may we offer an alternative? Be straight up. Tell us you want a bit of free direction/consulting but you’re not in the market yet for a 360 agency. We’ll give you a few hours of valuable free advice by phone/zoom.  If we invest thousands of dollars and hours and hours of time into a pitch we expect a happy yes or hard no wherein in our material is not used thereafter. It’s only fair.

How long will it take to get work samples?

If you’re a sumo wrestling underwear brand, we don’t really have much of that work on file so it’ll take longer than usual to craft our response. However, if you’re representing a somewhat normal business or product we usually respond with relevant work samples in 1 business day or less.

Can I really just tour your office?

Absolutely you can! We are not paying your airfare to Cayman or Phoenix but we definitely love visitors. Bonus points if you’re a vlogger/writer and want to do a short story on the visit as well.

Why didn't you answer my question?

Because we haven’t yet. We did our best. Email us your question to [email protected] Unique questions will earn you Jexan swag.

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